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do you notice this light? at this moment there is a heavy rain that produces this lovely and intriguing light. oh my, i love it!

i think that it's time to go on with my st.jordi's present, a selection of the best terrifying tales of all times.
(i love this tune!) 

if you want to know more about St.Jordi's tradition, just look here


we've spent our easter holidays visiting a couple of friends from the north

walking through the swamps always reminds me to dr.John, the swamp tripper.


yesterday was the International RecordStore day.
the best record store of our city celebrated it with some live concerts and free beer (ups!)

we wanted to do something special for this day, that's why we prepared a special cd with all the bands from the label (DiY power!)

it was a funny day, and aaaaaaaaall because of the music! yeahh. 


"Inre the notes and commentors and attitudes about me and my music and recordings i would like to say something. I do not, and have never thought of myself as a folk musician or a new age musician, guitarist, or sympathyzer. I despize all revivalists of folk music, and i despize all New Age music, even thougWill ackerman or some other equally obnoxious person might accuse me of being the grandfather of New age guitar, music, piano or whatever.
I do hope that nobody will try to make me out as a child of the sixties. I was playing what I play before and after sixties. This period had very little influence on me. I was never a hippie, and had no hippie friends. Why in the world don't you call me up if you want to know about these things?"

John Fahey
I love this sound.


i've finished it!

let's celebrate with Pàmpol's theme!


this odd gadget was of my old grandma, my dad told me she used to bake a lot with this artifact.

i like to use it. when i do, i feel i'm back to the old times


ode to a vinyl.
i love this artwork and i love their music. brrrrrrrb

and what is more, these guys are so cool that you can download their work here!

qué se siente al matar un gatito?!!