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one of those immortal guys
always yours, always cool and underground.


always with this dichotomy, as many of us:
-working 9 to 5 in a zombie mood, surrounded by people that don't really exist, like well-dressed ghosts moaning, wandering and drooling behind boorish and sexist "selfmade men" (ohh my!!)
-spending my free time doing what i really want

anyway, i'm sure i will see the light... have a happy monday.


i've proved that taking a selfie with two dogs is an impossible misson, at least if you have happy real dogs

it's probably a bit early to say goodbye to summer as the days are still hot but i can't wait for autumn. some days ago i went for a walk looking for goldens, yellows, reds and purples but i only saw green trees full of leaves. it's a fact that climate is changing.


ode to a vinyl (and to an illustration too)

R'n'R, garage, punk, soul, rockabilly, muppets (?¿)... i don't need anything else yeaaahhaaa!