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I'm sure these two will never shrink


Last saturday was Record Store Day once again.  our fav. record store joined the cause and we got full of psychedellic sounds with Spacemen 3, some dirty exotic music to strip by, a hare krishna comp to rest a bit and Los York's to sing aloud with our soul and heart!

Check this tune and you'll see if you can resist!! A mi no me deja! yeeeeaiiwwuuuuhhh!!!!


spending a wonderful spring afternoon in the countryside, walking the dogs, feeling there’s something out there awakening, picking beans  and cooking with the kinks...  life could be so easy



perhaps the truth depends on a walk among the mountains


i've finished my first apron, imperfect and full of mistakes, as many things in life.
i don't mind, spring time is doing me good!


when we visited it, we didn't know anything about this ghost village but while being there, we could notice we were missing something.... good location, just in the middle of a valley close to a river, well communicated and not so little... why?

in the name of progress (WTF!) another sad story. you can read it here


where witches and warlocks celebrate their sabbaths