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welcome autumn


Some days ago, two friends of mine and I did a comando-foto.
All pics are mine except the last one.
As you can notice, both girls are professional, not me!

enjoy your weekend


Lately food-happiness:
1. Cocoa Nana Bread
2. Toast with figs, cheese, herbs, nuts and a poached egg with salad. All eaten close to a "please-please gimme some"-goodboy-dog.
3. Apple tart with a fourlegged-fan trying to look like a good boy just in case you can't finish your dessert.

enjoy your week!


we have joined our annual meeting once again. this year no kayak at all, what a bunch of lazy people!

just enjoying good food and good weather with friends


last week was my best-treasure birthday!!


silenci profund en aquesta soledat Déu ens escolta 

beautiful hike near home.