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family project kicks again, and this year with a great new!! 
a new member arrived one month ago!! 

i read the press or i turn on tv, and in some way i feel ashame to be so lucky.
i'm thankful for my family but never forget what happens around.





Pau Riba, catalan psych-master!



 This is the sound
 That swims inside me
 That circle sound
 Is what surrounds me
 This is the land
 That grows around me
 And these are the hands
 That come in handy






This is my screen wallpaper. Just in case I have a bad day. Never forget.


Pictures from several years ago.

One of my fav places on earth  of my region is the delta where the Ebre river ends. It’s a natural park rich in birds and wildlife.  With amazing landscapes and inhabited by people with a very specific way of life,  rural, full of traditions and folklore. People who respect their land as if it was their home (so it is!).

From time to time, spanish government threatens the region with a new water plan that mainly consists in transferring Ebre’s water to other regions with a questionable water management.  People from the delta has always had the European Union and the scientific community on his side but the problem never ends.

The dichotomy is between supporting wildlife, culture and rural people or focusing in a pro-development system (golf courses, sun&beach resorts and intensive farming politics) in a land with a perpetual water shortage.

The demonstrations of Ebre’s people in favour of the river have always been massive, surprising and festive. This Sunday, people from l’Ebre will claim for the river life again! 

If you want to know more information you can take a look here. Thank you. 


   ja en tinc prou
   that's enough