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have you ever spent a day in some rare, new venture, such as picking wild strawberries, and that night, just as you start to drift off to sleep, found yourself suddenly "looking" at the most real strawberries of your life?



once more, st.john's eve has been the official entrance of summer nights.

if you want to have a good time, just listen and dance!


 sunday and vermut.
 both concepts fit perfectly!


Tomorrow, these three fellows are going to participate in Bingodisiac
During the show performed in Auckland, New Zealand,  all three remote musicians will be relayed via the internet from the geographical opposite side of the world, Catalonia.

If you are in Auckland, hope you enjoy it. 
They are going to play tomorrow at 9:00 AM Europe (zzZZzZZZ)!!!


i've got so many cherries that i'm starting to look like a cherry tree.
last week i baked this cake, and yesterday i made some jam.
what's next? 


 a diy-creation for the T.T.A 
 new upload here, hope you like it!