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Blues Explosion, the coolest guys in town!

This past weekend I've been to PS11: three days, 260 shows, 8 stages, 140.000 people, queues, beer, fast food, long walks back home early in the morning (or late at night), best sofa ever, nicest rock'n'roll mates ever and also cool surprises: do you recognize who are those two gentlemen looking at Suicide while performing their first album? 

i'm sorry for the quality of these pictures :(


 "If they ever decide to put a fifth face on Mount Rushmore, I would nominate Pete Seeger. He is one of the great sons of this country." 

Harry Belafonte

I’m not sure if it’s because of the spanish revolution or because of the rise of the extreme right wing in these past elections, but these days i’ve been listening a lot to Pete Seeger.


i've made this horse cushion for a lady that says she was a crazy horse in a past life.
i'm sure she was!

cheers, crazy horse!



It's a fact that springtime is the most beautiful and nice season of the year. 

I have been a little overwhelmed lately and i hadn't realized how i missed to go for a walk in the mountain


Good morning!! Spring, saturday and sunny, hoorrraaay!!


It's time to introduce my sister. Like Lennon Sisters,  we love to dance and talk to the animals
(please, look at the gorilla and lion dance, I can't stop to repeat this video again and again and again!)


Tell to everybody: Rudi is back in town!

some days ago i won a giveaway from Maggie, she is a lady from Ohio that makes awesome silhouettes and many more lovely stuff. You can check her etsy to see her artwork! 

with this necklace, i feel the coolest gal in town

thanks little Chickadee, i love it!