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some days ago bluesman's band performed in a tribute to Alex Chilton.
they did an "outer space" cover of the india song.



Sant Jordi,
all about tradition, books and roses

Pippi Calzaslargas
Guide and road map for the next road trip
Alan Lomax, the man who recorded the world


last Saturday was the Record Store Day.
i bought groovy music from the land of smile and a cool picture disc of a classic-basic that really made my day.


remember, they call me little turtle.


long weekend. even Pàmpol needed sunglasses after dark


not only baking
also enjoying springtime


i'm under "cooking mama mood"
turning on the radio and baking and strawberry-smoothing all day long

(rest in peace monsieur )



Pàmpol also loves Cotten's music.


Some days ago i discovered the artwork of Ion Barladeanu. An artist who has an interesting life story. He has been a homeless over the past twenty years, living in the garbage room of a block of flats in Bucharest. Over those years, he worked on collages from images he found in old magazines. Fearless, he created a number of pieces taking aim at the former dictator Ceausescu.

Artwork from a real outsider artist.

More information here, in his world:

or in his web


go to the market
choose a perfect tune