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hiking through ghost stone cabins


Ode to a vinyl (III)

If you check my latest uploads you will notice that i'm obsessed with Karen Dalton.
First time i heard her, she grabbed me immediately. Deep, powerful and bluesy. 
I really recommend to investigate her roots (half cherokee), life and music.


another frugal weekend (♥)
kind of a photo-an hour project. from the morning till the end of the day. from a cloudy - sunny - windy day to a rainy night.

btw, Xula has adopted us very well.


We have adopted a little lady called Xula! 
She has been our best christmas present. A bit frisky and nosy, but cheerful and a good girl with the fastest little tail of the world!

Pàmpol won't be a poor loneslome dog anymore, yesssss!!


Happy Birthday to the King, always celebrating your glorious days.


in a few days, things'll never be the same... i'm sure and i hope they're gonna be better!

happy new year my dear ghost friends!