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new video. you can watch it here, although i prefer this one:


the plan was to go hiking but we didn't trust the weather so we went for a walk around a windmill park, a very relaxed and peaceful walk... can you hear me? heyyyyy, CAN YOU HEAR MEEEEEEE???!?!!?!?

btw, we realized that windmill parks are perfect places to dance like The Seeds without looking crazy.. ehem


yesyesyes, another brand new old chair done!


leaving the metal stuff in coca-cola for a week helps you to clean it.

after applying woodworm killer, leave the chair wrapped for a week

the chair stripped, sanded and cleaned:

and the result:

if you want to see the result of another before/after project, you can look here or here.


 lately food happiness:
 operación bikini salad (ehem),
 spicy pear pie

btw, i didn't remember to tell you i've been featured on designsponge! thanks a lot!
i know i didn't take photos of all the process and details, sorry for that, never again ;)