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"Inre the notes and commentors and attitudes about me and my music and recordings i would like to say something. I do not, and have never thought of myself as a folk musician or a new age musician, guitarist, or sympathyzer. I despize all revivalists of folk music, and i despize all New Age music, even thougWill ackerman or some other equally obnoxious person might accuse me of being the grandfather of New age guitar, music, piano or whatever.
I do hope that nobody will try to make me out as a child of the sixties. I was playing what I play before and after sixties. This period had very little influence on me. I was never a hippie, and had no hippie friends. Why in the world don't you call me up if you want to know about these things?"

John Fahey
I love this sound.

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Lisa ha dit...

Such beautiful photos!

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

relaxed weekend photos ;)

Maggie ha dit...

Looks like fun!

Maggie ha dit...

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