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yesterday was the International RecordStore day.
the best record store of our city celebrated it with some live concerts and free beer (ups!)

we wanted to do something special for this day, that's why we prepared a special cd with all the bands from the label (DiY power!)

it was a funny day, and aaaaaaaaall because of the music! yeahh. 

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ameskeria ha dit...

Me encanta la funda del CD y el mono con cascos es lo más, pero lo que más me llama la atención es ese Kaoss Pad!

Lisa ha dit...

That looks like so much fun!

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

sigue el camino del kaos, amameskeria.. follow the light! hahh

lisa, it was reeeeeeeeally fun.

Maggie ha dit...

Love these pictures! You won my blog giveaway!!! Yay!! All you need to do is email me your address and let me know which necklace you would like! My email address is . I can't wait to hear from you!

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

here i goo!!!

Anònim ha dit...

uau qe xula la tenda no? D'on ets?juju
Gràcies per les felicitacions! :)

Lily ha dit...

Your retriever is such a cutie!!! I smile every time i come across a photo of him/her! Sending you lots of love,
Lily & Dexter, the white retriever :)