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do you notice this light? at this moment there is a heavy rain that produces this lovely and intriguing light. oh my, i love it!

i think that it's time to go on with my st.jordi's present, a selection of the best terrifying tales of all times.
(i love this tune!) 

if you want to know more about St.Jordi's tradition, just look here

6 comentaris:

Anònim ha dit...

War pigs himne till dead!!!!!
Que maca aquesta llum plujosa vermella :) Bona nit!

Maggie ha dit...

Love it!!

ameskeria ha dit...

está rosa! qué bonito!! el libro perfecto para una tarde de lluvia ;)

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

tengo miedow!

i'm scared!

Sarah ha dit...

That light is perfection! A very eerie glow. :)

Gemma Doe ha dit...

dsd quan te vostè un blogspot? :P t'agrego :*