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this odd gadget was of my old grandma, my dad told me she used to bake a lot with this artifact.

i like to use it. when i do, i feel i'm back to the old times

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Maggie ha dit...

Incredible song! Love it! And what a lovely kitchen gadget. I have a few things that belonged to my great-grandmother. I love using them.

Michelle ha dit...

I also have a few baking items of my grandma's, I think it makes the end product taste better! Where are you headed in Thailand? I can give you some specific recommendations depending on the area. Just send me an e-mail at michelle [at] bonjourhello [dot] com :)

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

haha, i hope you've danced with Peanut Vendor, Maggie! it's perfect to do silly things (at home)!

thanks a lot Michelle, i'll write you as soon as i start to plan the trip!

Lisa ha dit...

That is so lovely, to have something that reminds you of your relatives. I've got a really old serving tray from my grandmother, it always reminds me of her!