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yesterday we went to a soccer match in el Camp Nou, it was my first time. i am not really quite interested in soccer, but if you live in Catalunya you must go to see Barça once in your life, at least.

i have to say i liked it. well, i can't understand all that fanatism but being there and seeing and listening all that crowd screaming and going crazy was a bit like if i was in a roman circus! oh, yes... i was very interested in the match.

if you want to see three hundred more pics of the match, you can ask me, don't worry!

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ardilla ha dit...
Yo fui una vez a ver al Madrid! y la verdad, es que el ambiente me dio mucho miedo...así en general, las banderas, esos cánticos...trrrrrr
Pero creo que en uno del Alcorcón o del Rayo ValleKano (con ka, de lokaaa jaja) me lo pasaría mejor.

Yo si tengo twitter! pero no lo uso...cuándo te abras uno tú me avisas y así ya nos tenemos en todos los lados! :D

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

ala que punk! jasj
la verdad es que sólo he podido escuchar 5 segundos, pero si si, algo así.

yo creo que nunca entenderé a los forofos (y también creo que nunca había escrito esta palabra) forofo-forofo-forofo-forofo.

Maggie ha dit...

Looks like your guy was enjoying himself!

Bluesistheteacher ha dit...

he was indeed!!